Don’t forget who you are.

A short rumination on your inherent badassery.

You rode around like long haired navy seals on a deadly covert mission, finding old tires and then stacking them into a magnificent wobbly rubber high rise.

You found and carried cinder blocks that weighed almost as much as you from miles away.

You liberated sheets of plywood from construction sites and dragged them with ninja like skills to the secret launch site.

Then from a good half a mile away. Usually shirtless, and fearless and about to be toothless you pedaled as hard and as fast as your barely 100 pound body could and drove your machine straight up that haphazard death trap and launched yourself into neighborhood lore.

Don’t forget who you are.

You were a unequivocal, take no prisoners, no need to double dare, genetically engineered badass.

You still are. Act accordingly

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