Trail Toes tire trainer. Tire pulling. I love pulling tire. In the snow, on the grass, in the -30 Minnesota cold or during black nat infested summer mornings. Up hills, down hills. Pulling it while carrying a 50 pound sandbag on my shoulders or stuffing a 25 pound dumbbell inside of it. I love it. Why? Because it helped me get to the finish line of two 100 milers and powered me through two death marches at the Killington Ultra Beast. The only thing I love more than pulling tire is the apparatus that allows me the joy of this suffering. Trail toes tire trainer. All you need is their set up, a tire and a drill to make a few holes, then your next stop is a finish line. I’m not being paid to say this. I’ve given it 2 years of serious abuse and it’s not complained one bit and neither have I. Happy tire pulling warriors.

Lugging Along: The Benefits of Tire Pulling