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Chris Robb Painter

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Chris has work showing at 4 galleries:
Long View Gallery in Washington DC
Stella G Contemporary in Charlotte, NC
Snap! in Orlando, FL
Arts on Douglas in New Smyrna Beach, FL
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Darla O’Connor Elite Mom, Runner and Spartan obstacle course racer

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Karen Eastwood. Mom, School Administrator, Spartan racer and course builder.

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Tom Rosen. Writer, Photographer, Maker of things, like Joy.

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Joe Berkeley Writer, Photographer, Director, Grinder.

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Mark St. Amant Dad, Writer, Mostly-Retired Semi-Pro Field Goal Kicker

Advertising / writing

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NY Times, Good Men Project & other articles:

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Edward Buonocore (aka Papa Smurf) Dad, Husband, Teammate and Smile Maker.

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Doug Kleemeier Husband, Father, Friend, Ultrarunner.

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Joey Davis  Dad, Husband, Warrior.

André Bergeron Owner, Operator, Babbler, Panjandrum

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Steve Werner Serial Entrepreneur, Success Coach, Buckle Upper

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Amy Favat, family above all, feisty warrior for those who have no voice, giver, Homeless youth advocate, Humanitarian.


The not for profit where I volunteer and serve on the Board of Directors: Safe Place for Youth in Venice where we are always in need of new and clean socks and underwear for young adults ages 18-25.


Our website and Instagram for the charity art auction event I co-host annually in LA called 100 Pieces. 100% of our proceeds raised go directly to support the work and services Safe Place for Youth provides for homeless youth. Our next call for art will be in the Fall of 2018 and the next event will be in the spring of 2019 in LA. Our first three shows raised almost $200,000.00 total.


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Steve Myers, Inspirer, Runner, Ultra-beaster, Husband, Dad



Debby Siegel, Yoga Evangelist, Director of Breath, Gateway to Consciousness, and Expert Wiper

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Karen Leblanc, Mother, Spartan, Survivor, and deep soul.

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Mike Evans, Father, Coach, Runner, and Winner.

Jennifer Fisher, a wife, mother, daughter, sister and force of nature.

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