Show how badass you are at your age, because you are.

Being over 50 isn’t something we should be ashamed of, reluctant or embarrassed to share publicly or socially. This challenge lets you truly express how badass you are at your age, because you are.

We consulted with Chuck Norris and have assembled 7 different body weight challenges. One for each day of the week. Attack one each day. Attack just one. Attack all 28 days. Just don’t hide your age.

Proudly share it on social media and tag it with OVER50badasses BE PROUD OF YOUR AGE CHALLENGE.

THE CHALLENGE: Do as many reps as you are young.

Mondays – Push-Ups (Do your age in repetitions) The push-up is one of the most basic and effective moves for improving upper body strength. Before you know it you will literally be pushing cars out of ditches by yourself.

Tuesdays – Body Squats (Do your age in repetitions) The squat is widely regarded as one of the best movements for improving your strength and mobility. Lift things with your legs, stuff like large boulders and fallen Sequoia trees.

Wednesdays – Lunges (Do your age in repetitions) The lunge can improve your balance and stability and requires core activation. Make carrying grocery bags and humans out of burning buildings look easy.

Thursdays – Step-Ups (Do your age in repetitions) The step-up might seem self-explanatory but requires strength and balance. Laugh out loud at the elevator out of service sign.

Fridays – Burpees (Do your age in repetitions) You may shudder at the word, but the burpee is the ultimate calorie burner, soul sucker, and badass maker. Suck it up badass buttercup.

Saturdays – Broad jumps. (Do your age in repetitions) Broad jumps help increase our strength and power. Jump training also helps us develop explosive power β€” just don’t have any thoughts about jumping the Snake River Canyon.

Sundays – Scissor Kicks (Do your age in repetitions) Scissor kicks are done on your back and will work your lower abs. They will give you a serious burn and increase your heart rate. They also might come in handy if you need to dig a tunnel.

Rankings by reps and hashtag.

Do your age – #badass

2x your age – #beastlybadass

3x your age – #epicbadass

4x your age – #legendarybadass

  1. I love how you have created these challenges. They are simple to follow and provide a full body workout as a collective. They also require very little or no equipment depending on if you live in a house or a bungalow. Hope you are having an amazing day and continue the great work πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When you have Chuck Norris at your side things seem to go pretty well. Seriously thank you πŸ™, you captured exactly what I was hoping to achieve and give a positive outlet to shine a light on age and aging with strength and grace. Namaste πŸ™

      Liked by 1 person

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