BADASS KAREN EASTWOOD – “I was frustrated with being home and letting the world’s chaos take me over.”

Questions in a storm. A pandemic. Sheltering in place. Isolation. Fear. It’s been an intense and emotionally charged time. Karen in her words, “Opened the Bilco doors to the storm shelter of her mind.

 What have you learned about yourself during this pandemic?

 I’ve learned that I’m human. I’m not a super power that has to get everything done every single day before I go to sleep at night. I discovered that the world will not crumble if everything on my “list” both external and internal is not completed. 

Where have you found the most peace? 

When the dust settled I found peace in identifying WHO and WHAT my triggers were. Once that happened I worked on what I could do to correct or eliminate the triggers. Talk about lightbulb moments. I turned on stadium lights in some cases. The peace this brings me is immeasurable. I had to make some significant changes in my world that while not popular were needed to bring me overall physical and mental peace. 

What do you believe has changed about you? 

I have changed in that I am now taking a few steps back and then punting before acting. This extra time and space is allowing me to really look and listen at what is in front of me. Am I still fearless in many situations? Oh yes I am, but my options deserve exploration and I’m taking this time to examine. 

What have you been most grateful for?

At first I cursed the virus and the house arrest. Now? I am grateful that it gave me time to reflect and rejuvenate. In organizing my house I found that I have WAY too much stuff. Stuff apparently made me feel whole before. Eliminating said stuff both physically and emotionally has been freeing. 

What behavior have you exhibited during this time that you are not proud of? 

While I am trying to curb my reactions I am not proud of my potty mouth which can be horrific at times. There were quite a few times when I did visit a store where I was approached by other customers telling me I wasn’t travelling down an aisle the right way. I suppose lashing out at them and telling them where they could go with cutting words was not the best choice. One woman at the gas station received my loudest retort. I hope she forgives my lack of patience during that time. I was frustrated with being home and letting the world’s chaos take me over. It did calm in the following weeks but those first few weeks were rough. 

Seek silver linings.

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  1. Incredible interview. Thank you both so much. I learned more during this interview than I did during the entire epidemic…ty


    1. Thank you so much Joe. This has been quite the ride! I am back in my office as we speak. It is a time warp type feeling looking at the calendar that reads March…this is an awakening!


  2. I believe I read this when it was published. But I don’t think I signed in to react or comment.
    Just reading this now two years later,I’m curious what you’re thoughts are on the whole process now as the Covid thing is winding down. (I hope)

    Have you found growth for yourself since this interview?

    Have you found people who were in your life before this are no longer in your life for any reasons directly relating to opinion of Covid 19!

    Without getting political or debating the handing of it. Simply yes or no and we’re you surprised by the ones who left if any?


    1. Good morning. I didn’t lose anyone in my life due to my personal opinion of Covid. I did lose someone just last week though he chose to stay in her depressive state. It was almost as if she used the pandemic as a cocoon and place to shelter. I’m back out there and fighting. She flat out told me she’s jealous of my escape and ability to conquer my feelings. We’ve had many passionate discussions about help and trying new techniques for strength. So in this regard I lost someone. It hurts terribly. She is a good friend to me and my family.

      What has changed in me is my view of the world. I’ll leave it at that without getting political. I honor everyone’s opinion and path on the subject. I believe that’s what keeps the world spinning is differences and what makes us individuals. I just always hope we don’t lose our love for one another despite these differences.


  3. I lost a couple friends whom I saw mostly on Facebook over the political heat that arose during the pandemic.
    Two years later I feel more tolerant of the difference of opinions than I did in the beginning.
    I’m also extremely less likely to engage in discussion about it, other than the last few sentences lol.
    Also discussion about the virus itself.

    I wish I had decided that early on.

    Growth I guess comes in many forms.

    Always enjoy your writing and interviews.

    Namaste 🙏🏼


    1. Thank you for allowing me to talk about these things. You know how much of a deep thinker I am. Sharing these thoughts using my outside voice helps so much.


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